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Provider Communication: Breast Cancer Screening10/06/2016

Please review the attached documents for further details about our Breast Cancer Screening outreach for SJHAP, MHAP and SJAP.... Read More

Referrals: Duplicate Referrals Checking09/26/2016

Dear Provider, effective 9/26/2016 SJHH has implemented duplicare referral checking. Please let us know if you have questions or encounter any issues. 714-937-6130 Thank you.... Read More

Communication: Cozeva Access08/26/2016

Please see the attached document if you have not been trained for Cozeva... Read More

Claims: Oscar Health Plan Update03/22/2016

As a St.Joseph Heritage Healthcare physician, you are participating in the exclusive network of care for Oscar Health Plan.  It has come to our attention that earlier versions of the ame... Read More

Claims: Electronic Claim Submissions03/17/2015

Submitting claims electronically can improve cash cycle. SJHH encourages providers to submit claims electronically, whether you have a small or large practice. Submitting claims electron... Read More