We have curated public telehealth resources to be disseminated to our affiliated providers. These resources are available to be downloaded, reviewed or shared, as the content embedded within each link is not proprietary in nature. We curated this information to make it easy for you to obtain the key updates on telehealth. The content has been placed here, on the provider portal.

  1. Provider Resources
    1. Implementation Playbook
      1. Telehealth implementation playbook. This is the providers “one-stop” shop.
    2. Selecting a Vendor
      1. Identified 6 key factors for consideration: Business, IT, Security, Usability, Customer Service, Clinical Validation.
    3. Vendor Intake Form
      1. Eight-page form that guides a practice on key question to identify from a vendor during the intake process.
    4. Planning your Workflow
      1. How to plan/prepare for a telehealth visit.
    5. Visit Etiquette
      1. A brief checklist on the type of hardware, environment and equipment needed for a successful visit.
    6. Billing and Reimbursement Coverage Information
      1. Provides information on Medicare's expansion of telehealth codes, Billing fee-for-service, telephone visits and hospital billing.
  2. Patient Resources
    1. Preparing Patients for Telehealth
      1. Telehealth implementation playbook. This is the providers “one-stop” shop.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at the information provided below or your Providence St. Joseph Network Relations representative.

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